PAscap is a leading Performance Rights Organization, which is home for more than 790,000 music creator members of all genres, including Top-Stars and the greatest names in music. The agency aimed to advocate the rights of its members and evaluate the voice of a music creator.  Ascap’s experts are experienced professionals in in the music … Read more

Copyright Clearance Center

Copyright Clearance Center is creating solutions which are able to combine content, licensing, software and professional services to improve the way people integrate, access and share information. CCC protects intellectual property through their educational programs, award-winning content and various collaborations with publisher, author and collective management organizations       Go to the Website Click Here


Sag-Aftra represents over 160,000 performers and media players from 25 locals in the United States who work in film industry and digital motion pictures, new media, television programs, advertising, corporate/educational and non-broadcast production, video games, television, radio as well as major label recording artists. Sag-Aftra has a diversified membership including actors, dancers, DJs, news writers and editors, … Read more

Screenrights International

Screenrights is a non-profit membership organization that provides rights and royalty management services to the screen industry. Their licensing solutions give access to screen content for education purposes, home TV-viewing for subscription holders as well as for administrators in government. Screenrights provide loyalty payments to members for the content audience loves. The company is oriented … Read more


PPL is the UK based music licensing company for over 115,000 performers and recording Rights-holders. It licenses music when it is played on the radio, Tv or inline. A PPL’s license holders have a permission to play music from PPL’s media library; the vast majority of commercially released music in the United Kingdom.  PPL’s repertoire … Read more


SESAC is an invitation-only Performing Rights Organization based in United States that represents the World’s top songwriters, composers and music publishers. The company has over 30,000 affiliates, SESAC’s license holders can legally play music from Top Stars, such as: Adele, Bob Dylan and Neil Diamond. SESAC is working with the biggest TV-shops, such as How … Read more

HFA Agency

HFA Agency is a leading provider of rights management, licensing and royalty services for the Unites States music industry. HFA handles royalty payments for over 100.000 catalogs and issues the largest amount of licenses for music use in both: digital distribution and physical formats in the United States.    HFA is working with digital music … Read more


Audiam is an interactive streaming mechanical royalty collection agency that works with music rights. Audiam license, police, research, audit, collect and distribute interactive streaming mechanical royalties and gets its clients paid from YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and other streaming platforms.    Audiam currently represents the publishing catalogs of: Bob Dylan, Red Hot Chili … Read more

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Swiss Financiers

Swiss Financiers is particularly designed to support entrepreneur-driven companies. Our unique market position as a dealmaker is at the crossroads of advisory, debt and investment banking, without competing with them. Swiss Financiers orchestrates Companies’ requirements for capital through Initial Public Offering (IPO), by financing and managing the listing process on security stock markets. The cost … Read more