Patent Securitization

IPSE core business is the securitization and the management of IP assets. IPSE’s managers have important knowledge both in IP, financial and securities areas. They are financial specialists and a lawyer specialized both in financial law and in IP. The initiation of activities is thus ensured by the experience and the network of the managers.  … Read more

Music Securitization

A Music Copyright is a legal term used to describe the rights that musiciens have over their creations. IPSE ensures the process of securitization of new music IP rights and those already existing. Artists who have already owned IP rights can issue a securitization request which will be subject to four analysis criteria: property, quality, … Read more

Movie Securitization

IPSE innovations is a novel way to providing a new source of capital to the entertainment industry by transforming ‘intellectual properties‘ (IP) rights into negotiable securities. IPSE offers a ‘crowdsourcing’ method to finance entertainment properties such as movies by listing the movie rights on the NASDAQ where transactions are concluded between the IP holders and … Read more

Management of IP Securities

Authors, artists and inventors have significant difficulties concerning the management of the rights relative to their works. The protection of works and the collection of royalties are often blurred. It is the same problem for institutional IP that represents IP rights held by States, for which the frame is complicated. These rights particularly concern patents … Read more